Be cautious about the Indigo baggage allowance

Published: 26th April 2011
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Travelling through air one must know the baggage allowance offered by the airlines. The Indigo baggage allowance does not allow the passenger to carry knives, scissors or any weapon. But, it permits the passenger to carry the drug or inhaler with the doctor’s prescription.

Are you planning to travel by air? Do you know the baggage allowance given by the airline you are travelling from? Well if you don’t have any idea about the same then you must know that the baggage allowance is the leave on maximum amount weight of the baggage or the luggage you are carrying. One cannot carry a baggage which weighs more than the required one. The baggage allowance differs from airline to airline and the policies of the airline. The baggage allowance given by Indigo airline is different from Air India. The reason is that Air India is a domestic as well as international airline while the Indigo airline is a domestic airline.

The Indigo baggage allowance allows the passenger to carry only one piece of cabin baggage only. The particular cabin baggage must not weigh more than 8 kilograms. If the bag weighs more than that then one has to pay some extra amount. The extra amount charged is Rs 80 per kilogram. The Indigo baggage allowance also stated that one cannot carry the hand baggage whose length, breadth and height weighs more than 115 centimeters. It is recommended that passenger must carry their valuable items like camera, cash, jewelry, mobile phone, iPod, mp3 player and etc in the hand baggage only.

The Indigo baggage allowance does not permit the passengers to carry pastes, liquid, gels etc. on the airplane due to some security concerns. But the Indigo baggage allowance permits the passenger to carry any prescribed drug or inhalers with the doctor’s prescription. It is strictly prohibited to carry knives, scissors or weapons of any kind on the airplane. One can carry baby’s food but it must be put in the hand bag. The height, length and width of the baggage must not exceed as per stated by the airline and must fit under your seat or in the upper cabin.

So before going travelling in an Indigo airline one must make sure about the baggage allowance stated by the airline. For travelling in Indigo airline one can go to book online or can go to the agency. It is better to go online as the website might offer many domestic airlines booking as per the need and requirement of the passenger. Another advantage of domestic airlines booking online is that one can get the air ticket at cheaper price. It is true that booking online cost less and a plus point is that it saves time also.

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